Retro red and silver tea caddy table lamp

  • A vintage tea caddy made in the 1960’s was the inspiration for this gleaming retro relic of a lamp.
  • It’s a bit like a cross between a lava lamp and a vintage sweet dispenser.
  • It sits, pride of place upon three smooth and curvy silver chrome bells that are stacked head to toe.
  • These are then mounted onto a domed vintage metal lamp shade at the base.
  • There is a vintage red draught pawn placed at the bottom in a redundant hole.
  • Please note, there are a few small traces of age on the chrome base and the wooden pawn, but they just add to their vintage character.
  • It’s got a gorgeous red braided flex which complements the design and colour perfectly.
  • There is an inline switch mid way down to turn the lamp on and off.
  • The small bayonet cap brass lamp holder is housed within the tea caddy, with a small LED bulb which glows beautifully inside the red container.
  • The bulb is included in the price.
  • All electrical components are new and comply to CE safety standards.
  • The lamp has been PAT tested and approved.
  • A wonderful light with bags of character and a beautiful warm glow. Perfect ambient lighting.
  • Dimensions: 46 x 16 x 17 cms


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