I started my creative business in 2015. I was inspired to do so from my love of vintage objects and an objective to reuse and repurpose items into individual, bespoke functional pieces . My designs focus on capturing the inherent character within objects and then adding and complementing them with other parts… to make handmade lighting and home decor that imbues narrative and nostalgia.

All my items are one off designs, and evolve, depending on what objects I am lucky enough to source, rescue or reinvent. Piecing together disparate parts to form new associations.
I love colour, vintage and retro style and most importantly objects that are made to a high standard using quality materials.

Fiona Bradshaw

I trained as a fine artist, and obtained a first class degree from the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. I followed on from this with an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London. I was a practising artist for ten years after that, creating site specific installations and drawings for various galleries and spaces. I then decided to diversify into more functional objects such as furniture and lighting. My passion is for making and creating unique items, along with making sure sustainability is at the heart of the work.

I also love to restore classic vintage lighting. Anything from rewiring chandeliers, to converting oil lamps. Bringing these beautiful objects back to life gives me great pleasure. I am a qualified PAT tester, so all my lamps are guaranteed to be safe and approved by CE safety standards.

I use these characteristics to produce innovative, unique and unexpected lighting and I am proud of the fact my business is inspired and focused on reuse, restoration and repurposing.
My collection comprises of floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps and coat hooks. I want my lamps to invoke curiosity and to continue their history within a contemporary context. I love the Art Deco period, and some of this style definitely informs and inspires my pieces.

Finally, thank you very much for visiting my website. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or ideas for collaboration at [email protected]