Vintage shelving unit with two copper stemmed light fittings

  • I’ve made this vintage shelving unit from parts of an antique chaise longue and a vintage trouser press. The unit also has two lovely curved pieces of mahogany that come from a boat.
  • The curved sections are attached to the sturdy chiase longue base, spreading outwards with two lovely copper stemmed wall lamps on either end.
  • The wall lamps have lovely clip on vintage maroon lampshades.
  • The curved sections have two metal straps that were formerly part of the trouser press. These keep the sections nice and square and secure, and also prop up the two lovely walnut shelves, that were also part of the trouser press.
  • The base has a curved plywood top, that was the main part of the trouser press, that corresponds with the curve in the chaise longue.
  • Some of the wood has been painted a deep purple gloss, and some has been left bare, using finishing oil to bring out the woods natural beauty.
  • It is a truly unique piece, that is antique in style, but with a vintage twist.
  • A very handy piece of furniture as well as providing lovely warm light.
  • All the electrical items used are new and approved by CE safety standards.
  • The item has been PAT tested and approved.
  • Dimensions: 159 x 68 x 28 cms


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