Original Art Deco semi flush ceiling lamp

  • A beautiful 1930’s semi flush Art Deco ceiling lamp.
  • The glass lamp is suspended by a metal rod and a solid brass ceiling plate.
  • There is a 7cm gap between the ceiling and the shade which allows for an effective up light.
  • The downward light has a lovely warm ambience, with the clear glass lines creating nice shards of golden light.
  • The glass is concave, with a striking floral geometric pattern on the inside painted in lovely pastel shades of pink and yellow.
  • There is a nice solid brass plate and decorative knob in the centre of the glass holding it in place.
  • There are three brass bayonet cap lamp holders on the suspended stem. Three BC light bulbs are included in the price. These provide a nice even light source.
  • All electrical items used are new and approved by CE safety standards and the lamp has been PAT tested.
  • The lamp is ready to be wired into the mains by an electrician.
  • Perfect for a low ceiling, creating a unique and striking light with lovely vintage vibes.
  • Dimensions: 47 x 47 x 17 cms.


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