A vintage record player repurposed into a unique wall lamp

  • A vintage record player repurposed into a unique wall lamp.
  • The 1960’s Emisonic record player has lovely retro tones of burgundy, cream and gold touches.
  • I have added to these characteristics with an overhanging lamp made from brass parts, a cream snooker ball and an Art Deco marbled shade.
  • The lamp highlights the lovely cream turntable and all the other vintage features.
  • I have added a push switch to the panel to turn the lamp on and off with ease.
  • There is a lovely burgundy braided cable that complements the vintage vibe.
  • The vintage shade creates a lovely warm light. Please note there are a few scrapes on the gold trim, but nothing too noticeable.
  • There is a brass bayonet cap lamp holder, with a B22 light bulb included in the price.
  • All electrical items used are new and approved by CE safety standards.
  • The lamp has been PAT tested.
  • Dimensions: 33 x 48 x 29 cms
  • A truly unique feature for your home. Perfect for a music lover.


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