A vintage tripod lamp with a street lamp holophane shade

  • A vintage tripod lamp with a lovely holophane shade.
  • I have repurposed the vintage metal photography tripod into a striking floor lamp.
  • The tripod’s structure is kept in place with a unique central metal disc. I have bolted this onto the legs and added a small black snooker ball to the top section.
  • The shiny black ball accommodates the lovely purple braided flex that runs through its centre.
  • The unusual holophane shade provides a nice kaleidoscopic light and creates reflections on nearby walls.
  • The sphere has a vintage metal gallery that is held in place securely with three adjustable bolts.
  • The tripod can be adjusted to three different heights by changing the length of the legs.
  • Please note there are a few tiny defects on the metal parts and the plastic holophane shade has a few small marks. However, I think these just add to the vintage character.
  • The lamp has a brass bayonet cap lamp holder, with a B22 LED warm light bulb included in the price.
  • All electrical items used are new and approved by CE safety standards.
  • The lamp has been PAT tested.
  • There is a black foot switch on the purple flex to turn the lamp on and off with ease.
  • A unique and sustainable design, with plenty of character and vintage charm.
  • Dimensions: 43 x 148 x 43 cms (at highest setting)
    35 x 122 x 35 cms (at middle setting)
    26 x 95 x 26 cms (at lowest setting)


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