Square Scooter Table

  • A lovely old 1960’s vintage scooter that I have restored and converted into a small, mobile side table.
  • All rust has been removed from the scooter, then some areas have been repainted and some varnished.
  • The table top is made from an old tennis racket holder with a blue, varnished, wooden inset.
  • The table is secured using the wing nuts on the racket holder tightened onto the handlebars at the front, and a threaded steel rod bolted at the back.
  • There is a vintage wooden skittle painted blue to pull the table along with and a double three domino attached for added character!
  • It can be purchased individually or with its pair ‘Round Scooter Table’
  • The item inevitably has a bit of wobble to it, but it could be easily fixed to the floor or a wall if required.
  • Dimensions: 77 x 68 x 28cms