Skittle Stool

  • A lovely shaped stool that was destined for landfill has been restored and renovated with elegance and humour
  • The seat inset has been replaced with a lovely old teak floor lamp base
  • The underside has a curious addition of a vintage wooden skittle that has been painted a vibrant pink
  • The skittle appears like it is growing from beneath, and being housed by the circular design of the stool
  • The rim of the stool and the circular support have been painted with a granite grey chalk paint and then waxed
  • The seat has a black draught pawn inset into the middle, and a bolt, with the head painted pink, running through and holding the skittle in place
  • The stool has been satin varnished for a shiny durable finish
  • Dimensions: 49x42x42cms
  • £100.00

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