Mid Century Floor Lamp

  • A unique floor lamp made from an existing stem from a mid century lamp, the wood is teak, and it has a lovely shiny bronze coloured mid section.
  • The base is made from a reclaimed industrial metal lamp shade, that has a nice textured surface resulting from age.
  • The mid section has been adorned with hundreds of ceramic disc capacitors. These has been individually twisted around the pole, and can be moved, as they are not attached tightly.
  • They give the lamp a unique and almost organic quality and a fragility and quirkiness that I love. They also create wonderful shadows on surrounding walls in sunlight or from other lighting.
  • The lamp produces a lovely warm glow from a large filament globe that is included in the price and the lamp holder is brass, and has a switch attached for ease of use.
  • The cable is braided in an antique style, and is a lovely shade of green.
  • The base has a weight within the lamp shade to achieve good stability and it is is a nice slim size, that would fit well in any sized room.
  • Dimensions: 165 x 20 x 20cms (with bulb)
    150 x 20 x 20cms (without bulb)
  • The item has been PAT tested and approved.