Bed Warmer Lamp

  • This gorgeous Belling bed warmer is the most wonderful shape and colour.
  • I have repurposed it into a lamp to enhance its natural form and increase the warm glow that the colour emanates.
  • The light from the filament bulb reflects beautifully on the surface of the metal, and the filaments are reflected and can be seen quivering on the surface.
  • It works well as a Table Lamp or a Wall Lamp, depending on what is practical or preferable for your living space. The photos show it being used both ways.
  • The lamp is light weight metal, hollow in the middle, and has lovely original design features.
  • The painted surface has traces of wear and tear, but these just enhance its vintage status.
  • I’ve used a copper edison lamp holder, and a braided Fabric Cable with an earthy hue, to enhance the character of the piece.
  • It produces the most wonderful warm glow, and is one of my favourite items for its simplicity and form.
  • The item is PAT tested and approved, and the filament bulb is included in the price.
  • Dimensions: 41 x 38 x 26 cms (with bulb)