Murano glass chandelier

  • A vintage Murano glass domed shape chandelier.
  • Beautiful crystal pendants hang from the solid glass dome down to the small shaped bottom, creating a lovely rounded form.
  • There are lovely hanging shards within the dome and also surrounding the top section.
  • Art Deco in style, made in the 1960’s this is a very substantial object, with wonderful shards of light emanating from the crystals.
  • There is lovely detailing on the dome too.
  • I have cleaned all the sections, and rewired the lamp.
  • The single brass lamp holder is bayonet cap, and has a B22 shaped bulb included in the price.
  • There is a brass chain that connects to an adjustable brass canopy. Substantial in size due to the lamp weighing 9 kgs.
  • The piece is in very good condition, considering its age, with only one shard from the interior section missing and slight scratches on a couple of the crystals. Barely noticeable overall.
  • The lamp has been PAT tested and approved.
  • A wonderful, decadent object that is very effective both in daylight and when the light is on.
  • Dimensions of the chandelier: 47 x 31 x 31 cms
  • Dimensions of the canopy and chain: ranges from 10cms to 18cms.
  • £485.00

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