Cherub chandelier floorlamp

  • A stunning cherub chandelier floor lamp.
  • Beautiful French Neo Classical chandelier from the 1920’s, made using the traditional lost wax method using bronzed cast iron.
  • The cherub is beautifully sculpted along with all the other decorative features.
  • It was formerly a ceiling chandelier, but I have restored it and repurposed it into a unique floor lamp.
  • The stand is a beautifully shaped mahogany floor lamp, which I have restored and enhanced, by painting a lovely smooth beige/ mushroom colour. ‘Alogonquin’ by fusion mineral paints.
  • The lamp is available with either golden shades, or pink. Either colour goes well with the character of the lamp, and enhances its vintage charm.
  • There are lovely original candle sheathes on the brass lamp holders, that add to the elegance of the lamp.
  • The lamp holders take B22 bayonet cap bulbs, which are included in the price.
  • The cherub is holding up a wooden black billiard ball. This gives some body to the top section, enhances the poise of the cherub, and gives the lamp unique character.
  • The lamp has been rewired and adheres to CE safety standards.
  • I’ve used an antique style gold flex, to complement the design, and there is a black foot switch along the flex to turn the lamp on and off.
  • The lamp has been PAT tested and approved.
  • A very stunning and truly unique item, that lights up a room beautifully with warm tones.
  • Dimensions: 177 x 49 x 49 cms
  • £260

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