Vintage Tripod Lamp

  • A beautifully restored vintage wooden telescope tripod has been used for this bespoke lamp.
  • It provides a good solid base for the striking top piece which consists of a Pyrex Spherical Vessel reclaimed from a Science Laboratory.
  • The lamp holder is a copper effect Edison E27 screw. It is fixed to a smooth wooden base, which also houses the mouth of the glass vessel.
  • The long filament bulb is in keeping with the scientific context, and is included in the price.
  • The lamp provides a lovely warm glow, with interesting reflections appearing on the convex curves.
  • The vessel has a capacity for 20litres of liquid, so it is quite a heavy and substantial object. It’s diameter is 35cm.
  • The tripod is fully adjustable and is quite a striking, commanding size when it is fully extended.
  • It would really suit quite a large room, perhaps a Warehouse space due to its industrial heritage.
  • The tripod is held in place delicately by a lovely wooden embroidery hoop, that I’ve painted turquoise blue to add a touch of colour.
  • The antique style brown braided flex is in keeping with the vintage style of the lamp, and flows nicely down into the hoop and down to the floor.
  • The lamp has a black foot switch to turn it on and off.
  • The Pyrex vessel is in very good condition and has a high retail value, this is therefore reflected in the price of the lamp.
  • A unique item with character and versatility.
  • The item is PAT tested and approved.
  • Dimensions: When fully extended 188 x 58 x 58cms
    At lowest height 122 x 43 x 43cms