A Pair of Art Deco Lamps

  • These two stunning floor lamps come as a pair.
  • They are both identical, and have been made from quality reclaimed objects.
  • The turquoise glass globe shades are very striking either on or off.
  • I can imagine them looking great either side of a hallway entrance.
  • The bases are made from polished copper discs and gorgeous funnel shapes, this then leads onto the main stem which have lovely solid, serrated brass columns.
  • The middle section has been added to enhance the overall design. They are made from wooden croquet balls, that have been painted midnight blue and varnished to a high gloss finish.
  • The glass globes sit within two dome shaped objects, that used to be bases on some reclaimed table lamps. The hole for the cable has been filled in with a small wooden game pawn, again painted midnight blue and glossed.
  • The overall effect is very much Art Deco inspired and would look great in any interior space.
  • The lights give off a lovely glow. Very good mood lighting, not bright enough to use for reading.
  • Please note there are a few light scratches on one of the globes, and one is very slightly darker than the other. Not very noticeable at all, and in no way detracts from the overall design.
  • The lamps would need to be in a secure setting. If they were knocked over, the glass globes would smash.
  • Each lamp has an antique style gold flex and a black foot switch to turn the lamp on and off easily.
  • The lamps have been PAT tested and approved.

Dimensions: 149 x 28 x 28cms