Vintage Tumble Dryer Lamp

  • A highly unusual vintage Tumble dryer from the 1950’s. I haven’t been able to source another one like it online so it must be very rare!
  • The item has been taken apart, restored, stripped of all old wiring, and re purposed into a quirky lamp.
  • The dryer was originally cream, with many scuff marks, so I decided to sand and repaint in a new set of colours.
  • The main body and lid being deep purple and the top a light grey.
  • These colours contrast well with the golden light that appears from the drum of the object and through the old ventilation shaft.
  • The lid can be closed to provide a ledge for drinks, or open to provide light.
  • A round mirror has been fixed to the underside of the lid, to enhance the existing shape of the round drum, and add a function and point of interest.
  • I can imagine it working really well in an industrial warehouse home, where there is plenty of space and to provide an interesting context for it.
  • It really is a one off item, which is reflected in the price.
  • The lamp has a gold antique style flex, with a black foot switch to turn it on and off. Unfortunately the original on/off dial at the front could not be utilised for this project. It does still turn though!
  • All the electrical items used are new and approved by CE safety standards.
  • The lamp has been PAT tested and approved.
  • Please ask for a quote if you would like this item shipped abroad. Alternatively collection by hand is welcome.
  • Dimensions: 117 x 43 x 43cms (when open) 79 x 43 43cms (when closed)
  • £260

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