Microscope Lamp

  • This lamp is a conglomeration of many different brass parts that combine to produce an unusual and elegant table lamp.
  • The main body is part of an antique Ernst Leitz Wetzlar microscope from the 1920’s. It is engineered to perfection and now has the function of propping up the brass lamp holder.
  • There is a decorative feature added to the microscope of a vintage red wooden game pawn.
  • The base is made from an Art Deco Style shell lamp shade. I thought it made for quite an interesting and functional base.
  • This and the decorative circular disc have been painted dark chocolate with fusion mineral paint. This was to conceal discolouring that existed on the brass Patina.
  • The paint has been varnished with a Matt gloss for a durable finish.
  • The edging on the base has been left brass to create a nice shiny rim around the bottom.
  • The curvy brass part come from part of another salvaged lamp.
  • An antique style gold flex has a black inline switch midway down for ease of use.
  • The filament bulb is included in the price.
  • An interesting item, containing history, intrigue and character.
  • PAT tested and approved.
  • Dimensions: 47 x 27 x 12cms (with bulb)
    36 x 27 x 12cms ( without bulb)
  • £85

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