Mirror on a Plane Lamp

  • I love old vintage carpenters tools. The wood is a pleasure to work with and the items are so well made.
  • For this lamp I have used the plane as a sturdy base for the lamp ensemble that has hopped on board.
  • The lovely little round mirror comes from a vintage car wing mirror that I have mounted onto a gorgeous, shiny copper frying pan.
  • The pan is inserted vertically into the plane, with the mirror facing the light bulb.
  • The handle is held in place with some brass parts, and has a vintage wooden game pawn inserted at the front.
  • This decorative feature is there to complement the existing domed nut that belongs to the wing mirror.
  • The back edges of the mirror, the game pawn and the domed nut have been painted a teal blue and sanded back to complement the age of the items and the copper.
  • Please note the mirror does have signs of ageing (see photos) though I don’t think this detracts from the vintage character of the piece.
  • The small bayonet cap lamp holder is attached to the diagonal part of the plane blade. This gives the perfect angle for the light to bounce off the mirror, therefore creating reflected light as well as the light bulb light.
  • The gold antique style flex has a black inline switch midway down for ease of use.
  • The lamp has been PAT tested and approved.
  • It is a very characterful piece, that I can imagine would look lovely on a mantelpiece or in a hallway.
  • Please note the blade of the plane has been fixed within the wooden body, so there is no sharp edge on the base.
  • Dimensions: 28 x 46 x 11cms