Hoover Lamp

  • A spotlight with a difference, lovely shiny and reflective surfaces and an elegant poise.
  • It is made from a range of reclaimed objects that have been put together subtly to create a sense of surprise.
  • The base is made from a round mirror that is connected to a suction head from an antique Dudley Electric Hoover.
  • The stem is the arm of the hoover and the gorgeous vintage shade is by a coupling from the hoover.
  • It is quite a large table lamp which creates wonderful shadows and reflections on the mirror and any nearby walls.
  • The brass lamp holder takes a bayonet cap bulb, that is included in the price.
  • There is a black flex with an inline switch midway down for ease of use.
  • The item has been PAT tested and approved.
  • I can imagine it looking good in a room with dark interior walls.
  • Shiny, reflective, elegant and fun.
  • Dimensions: 58 x 26 x 31cms.