Golf Club Coat Pegs

  • By restoring and adapting these lovely old antique golf clubs, I’ve given them a new function which enhances their existing qualities.
  • They have seen some action over the years, which I think adds to their character.
  • The clubs are mounted onto a bevel edged and shaped mahogany antique piece that used to be part of an old fireplace.
  • The two elements combine together well to provide functional and classy hooks for a hallway.
  • The item is coated with a matte varnish to bring out the lovely quality of the wood, and it has two picture plate hangers at either end, to easily attach it to a wall.

Dimensions 137 x 12 x 17 cms


Customer Review:

“I commissioned this piece to Fiona, she grasped the idea on the go. The piece is even more beautiful than on the photo. Fiona creates beautifully crafted unique pieces. On top of that, she went out of her way to make sure I received the package on time for my husband´s birthday. Fantastic experience, highly recommend it”   Ms Ciesler, Kingston Upon Thames.