Adjustable Chrome Lamp

  • This chrome silver lamp needed some restoring, a new shade fitted and replacement wiring.
  • The lamp base had some rust spots on it, so I have attached different shapes and shades of green tiddlywinks to hide this.
  • This not only masks any imperfections, but also produces a vibrant and characterful design.
  • The  lamp is in good condition and has a wonderful shiny, reflective quality.
  • The lamp shade is a lovely old vintage, green jelly mould. The round, bumpy curves complement the round tiddlywinks nicely.
  • The lamp holder is silver chrome and takes a bayonet pygmy bulb.
  • There is a green vintage style braided flex, with a black inline switch midway down.
  • The lamp can be adjusted with the horizontal arm that goes in and out.
  • An unusual piece, very solid, and full of character.
  • The item has been PAT tested and approved.
  • Dimensions: 52 x 23 x 20cms