Vivid Orange Floor Lamp

  • An elegant floor lamp, with a wonderful orange glow.
  • The base is an original vintage item that has been restored to a high quality finish. It has a lovely shiny chrome finish and a solid wooden base that I’ve painted a deep purple colour.
  • The top of the lamp has been adapted to house the beautiful vivid orange glass vesta shade, which originates from an old oil burner.
  • It sits neatly onto an upturned brass base from an old wind chime. The two combine to produce a quirky and elegant top for the floor lamp.
  • When the lamp is on it emanates a lovely warmth, and it is equally effective when it is off.
  • The lamp has a silver chrome lamp holder, and a lovely new braided orange flex, complete with a black foot ‘on/off’ switch.
  • The item has been PAT tested and approved.
  • If you’re looking for a unique and colourful addition to your home, this could be just the thing.
  • Dimensions: 160x 35x 35cms